Enabling a select list in React.js apps

For the complete example, see the GitHub repository here. We use the react-select package to create a dropdown that loads a set of options through a variable (or through an API) and initiates an onChange function call (which in this case exists in the parent component, thus: props.onChange. Here is the code in our DropdownListComponent1.tsx […]

Using Redux Toolkit in React.js apps

To see the code in work, see the GitHub repository here Redux Toolkit utilization allows our app to access and update state variables that are shared between our components. Our components, which in one way or the other need access to state variables access the state and update the state via “reducers”. We first set […]

Submit POST/GET data to API using Axios or Fetch in React.js app

For the GitHub repository, see here. In this app, you can contact the API that listens on a given port for a log-in and then an access to a resource that is password protected. You access the app either through axios or fetch. Credentials are needed to be sent since you tell the API what […]

Knowledge Database System – Import live data into any record

In PHP applications that interact with a database, there are times when you need reference to content available in a table or record while working with the content of another record somewhere else. As your data is related to other records of data, you would want reference and presentation of what exists in those tables. […]