We provide digital products and services including Software Solutions, System Developments,  and E-commerce Website Designs.

System Developments at Bamshad IT allow for smoother business operations and asset management

Knowledge Management System

This solution provides for structured data entry, data interaction and quick access to the various entries in the structures.

Online Restaurant Ordering System

Being an interactive ordering system, this solution offers flexibility in purchases which need customization.

System Development

E-commerce & Website Development

We will provide  you with interactive and creative online presences in the form of a website rich and organized with your relevant content. We enable e-commerce solutions for your business.

Timer Application

This handy Java application will track the time taken while enabling note taking. The timer is flexible and allows for personal time updates while the timer runs. It is a useful tool for time tracking while at a task that needs to tracked and documented.

Database Interaction Logging Tool

This PHP module can be utilized within PHP applications that interact with MySQL Databases. It logs inserts and updates and provides a front end where the most recent interactions can be seen and the respective records accessed.

File duplicate Coordinator

This Java EE tool allows for tracking of duplicate files on filesystem paths provided to it. It is useful in finding duplicate files on any hard-drive location that contains myriads of files and folders.

Interactive Input Form Data Entry

This JavaScript/HTML app provides flexibility in data entry for HTML forms where input is more than basic text. These inputs can for example bee HTML Objects, Code, and Font of various sizes etc.

Featured Software Tools

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