The knowledge management system is a software tool developed with PHP and JavaScript allowing for creation of organized structures that can be tracked and enriched with knowledge input. This software tool allows for entry of knowledge in two ways: a preset way and a dynamic way. The dynamic way allows you to create a structure, input data, quickly access data you created earlier, and to interact and edit the data

  • Create custom structures

    Structures, (or database tables) are at the core of the system. You can create these structures in order to manage the sets of knowledge that are unique and fit into a model that you later on interact with. You can create as many structures as you need.

  • Quickly access strucutred knowledge

    Structures can be quickly and intuitively accessed from the main page. Drop down menu shows all structures. The most recent records become available on the same main page as well.

  • Interact with data

    Interact with data through WYSIWYG HTML Editor. You can enter ordered lists, expressive images, or do other HTML operations on the data.

  • Import live data into any record

    Import live data from any record or table into your work area and continue working on content as the live data automatically updates through push of a button.

  • Upload files and enter HTML content

    When you upload files that support the knowledge entry you are working on, the file will become automatically accessible as an HTML Object, making readability easier and more available.

  • Search your knowledge entries

    Through the flat structure viewing, the searching of the data you have entered becomes easy. The Search Tool can also be used to find the detail you are searching.

Have the Knowledge Database System Work for your work

The Knowledge Database System is a perfect solution to intensive work where structures of data need to be gathered, organized, and referenced.

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