In PHP applications that interact with a database, there are times when you need reference to content available in a table or record while working with the content of another record somewhere else. As your data is related to other records of data, you would want reference and presentation of what exists in those tables.

You might be creating a record in a table that is similar to a document (or a report) that consists of data gathered and grouped across several tables. You might want live references to these records in your document because the entirety of what you are preparing has close connection to what is stored in these tables; All of this data should be visible in your document, but still keeping the groups of records up-to-date is important at all times without interfering with their content as you present them in your document.

This is where the solution provided here comes in picture. The module I have developed is called DBGet (For Database data retrieval — or getting) and lets the user open a window where he chooses records of a table or a whole table, after which he he imports them into his document or table record where he is working — while the data stays “live” and up-to-date at all times.

The data that is input now into the user work area keeps its reference to its original source and updates itself with every reload of the record or push of the button available next to the data. Rather than referencing data as a link, the data itself is present and live at all times, making it a part of the document the user is working on.

To see the video demo of the project, click here:

To go to the project repository on GitHub, click here:

For more information about the Database application itself that makes logging and managing knowledge organization easier, click here:

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